Die South African Mohair Industry macht sich für Nachhaltigkeit und artgerechte Haltung stark

South African Mohair Industry response to claims of animal abuse

Over the past decade the South African Mohair Industry has taken great care to ensure that sustainable production practices are introduced into the industry.

These guidelines are continuously reviewed and adapted to ensure that our producers adhere to international standards and operate within South Africa’s laws. Animal welfare forms an integral part of these guidelines which have been endorsed by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Angora goats are farmed for their fibre and not intentionally harmed in any way as they are the livelihood of every mohair farmer. The treatment of the animals ultimately determines the farmer’s income and sustainability. 

Recent reports of animals being mistreated on mohair producing farms in South Africa have once again highlighted the importance of enforcing guidelines to ensure that sustainable practices are implemented. These guidelines give a clear indication of how animals should be treated to ensure that angora goat farmers and the South African Mohair Industry as a whole can send a product into the world that adheres to international standards.

While much of the report and accompanying footage are factually incorrect and a gross misrepresentation of the South African Mohair Industry, some isolated issues have been raised which we condemn in the strongest and view in the most serious light.  Great care is taken to ensure compliance with the Sustainable Industry Guidelines and where there is any reason to question an individual farmer’s practices a full investigation will be conducted and, if needed, steps will be taken and communicated to the relevant stakeholders within the industry. These will include third party verification to ensure adherence by mohair producers.

We do not tolerate the abuse of animals and distance ourselves from any practices that do not adhere to the Sustainable Industry Guidelines. These guidelines will once again be reinforced at our upcoming annual Congress. 

As an industry we are passionate about our animals, our fibre and our people who depend on the Mohair Industry for their livelihood. We want to ensure that we portray the passion and dedication of our farmers and our remarkable industry – passion and dedication that is widely recognised by the international community.

We invite any user of mohair to visit us and to obtain first-hand experience of how the fibre is produced.

Issued by Mohair South Africa